Revision Policy

Revision Policy

At, we take pride in providing prime-quality statistic solution assistance. We are always ready to revise your order if it does not entirely meet your specifications. We will revise your order 3 times for free if your revision request follows our main terms:

Instructions: Your revision instructions should not contradict your initial instructions. In case our Quality Assurance Department decides that the initial instructions of the client are satisfied, his/her request for revision will be rejected.
Feedback: You can request a free revision within fifteen (15) days after the moment you received the order. A free revision is possible within fifteen (15) days after approval.
The number of revisions: We can complete 3 revisions absolutely for free and only if they satisfy the conditions listed above.

Kindly Note That:
1-) A free revision can be provided only if the initial instructions and the instructions for the revision match. The Company is entitled to ask for additional payment in order to complete the revision if the revision instructions contradict the initial Order instructions.
If your request instructions do not meet the requirements stated above or you have already used your 3 free revisions, you should place a new order for editing/proofreading and clearly specify the changes that have to be made in the order.

2-) The Customer is entitled to free amendments to his/her Order within a 15-day period after Order delivery. If Revision is required at a later time, the Customer will need to pay additionally, depending on the complexity of the revision.

3-) If we agree on a revision of work, there must be a minimum of 36 hours as the tutor may be located in a different time zone. Any delay in the revised version of the task cannot be claimed for a refund.

4-) A free revision will be done only if we have not followed the original instructions in some way or if there are any discrepancies like grammar errors, conceptual errors, or word count. If the client comes with any legal dispute, it will not be entertained if our tutors have not been given a chance to revise the work at least a minimum of two tries.

5-) Should you have a legitimate concern regarding a purchased item, You will have a period of fifteen days within which to request a free revision in accordance with the revision procedures set forth on the website. This is a service that we provide to help ensure your total satisfaction with your completed order. To receive this free revision, it is mandatory that you contact the company within fifteen days after you have received the product created for your order. We will only give you a free revision should we find your request valid. This policy will not extend past this fifteen-day time period. In addition, should your concern regarding a purchased item or your request for a revision not be deemed legitimate under your order and the company’s policies regarding completion of orders set forth in these Terms and Conditions, and within the company’s sole discretion, and should you nevertheless wish a revision to be made, the company will advise you of the cost of the revision before commencing work. All revisions will be returned to you within fifteen days of the company accepting your request, unless the number of pages or extent of revisions requires otherwise, in which case the company will advise you of the appropriate time period for delivery of the revisions to you. For your information, based on our experience, and the vast experience of our tutors, we normally consider any requests for more than three (3) successive free revisions to be excessive without extenuating circumstances. You can always request additional revisions according to the applicable rate, and the company will provide a quote for revisions. But the validity of the request is again subject to the company’s sole discretion regarding the validity of your concern.

Please Note: We keep revising our policies based on the latest updates in the industry. You are advised to be updated with our website policies. When you place an order on our website or through email, we assume that you have read and agree to all the policies stated.

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12 February 2021

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